Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Zongozotla, Mexico

A Pentecostal Preacher Outside his Afternoon Service

A man spreads coffee beans - the staple industry - to dry outside his house

In Febs, after a month in northern Mexico, I headed to the urban metropolis of Zongozotla, Puebla - home to 4000 people, and 13 Churches of various sects. With homies Deborah Bonello and Monica Campbell (and armed with a grant via the BBC to look at a different side of religion in Mexico), a rare chance to work together on something multimedia - Monica leading the reporting charge, me and D taking fotos and video respectively.

Zongozotla's main street

A man listens outside a packed Evangelical service

A preacher mid-service, at Zongozotla's newest Pentecostal church

I think it worked out nicely - nice work to the eds at PRI's The World for trying out something new, and setting it up nicely. Check out the whole thing here, and click on the photos to get into the rad videos, or listen to Monica's report below.

74-year old Juvencio Domingo looks for coffee beans on his plot

A family of converted Evangelicals come to work for the day on Juvencio's land

Men gather at the back of their Pentecostal service

Splattered around this blog post are a bunch of photos that did not make the cut for publication, but that I like nonetheless.

Socks hang in a drizzly afternoon in the highlands

An Evangelical minister steps out for a break mid service

Retired Evangelist Miguel Cano contemplates a question about his faith

Zongozotla at dawn


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