Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Treeplanting Movie

Don't remember who took this shot, but a classic: distraught, sittin' with homies, waitin' for trees on the cutblock. Pre-work, at the end of the 2005 season.

I used to plant trees. A lot of them. Though most people don't believe, an average full day for me in my final years fell around 6000 trees, with the occasional bigger day. 1.1 million trees in total, lifetime. This life is long over.

My friend Jason Nardella hit me up today with good news: his documentary, 78 Days, about life at my old company is reaching its final stages, so see the trailer here.

It was mainly filmed the year after injuries forced me to quit; an event that falls into the 'mixed blessing' realm. But, set in the crazy town of High Level, Alberta (once my summer home), it will feature several true blue amigos, the crazy life I loved, but could never live again.

ups, Jason. Looking forward to it.


no more said...

one two tree. one two tree. one two tree.

repeat. repeat. repeat.


Anonymous said...

Those days are gone, you're right. But not forgotten...can't wait to see Jay's movie.

Anonymous said...

We always said it would be our last year, our last tree, our last voyage into the great north. No more, why do we despise the things we know we love the most....
Its not murder, its an intimate view of the best that human being, in its pure physical force, can endure and pursue, it is life pure and simple, one breath and one step at a time, reality. If only for 78 days.