Thursday, 9 December 2010


the title of this blog post remains the central theme of complaints from people. A woman from the north of Kenya on the delegation that I walked to the Africa group meeting. The Sudanese forestry delegate that I sat with on the morning bus, and has now turned down 4 of my requests for interview. My 4 am taxi driver the other night.

Last night, nine buses stood in line to take, running, engines on. That was for just one of the 9 numbered lines. This figure does not include the several smaller lines that patrol all lados of the conference. The other night, I took the number 5 shuttle bus back to my hotel. I was the only one on it. I don't understand.

People always complain about airplanes being bad for the environment. They cause 2% of global emissions - same as the IT industry (which mainly comes from their massive servers storing all your retarded emails that you will NEVER re-read, all the back issues of Gardener's Monthly and basically everything you ever click on throughout the world wide internets. What? You don't believe me? Go ahead, snoop around

After working for roughly 26 hours straight, I drank two beers and ate a bag of chips in 9 minutes. I felt very desperate before; worse after. A girl I never met made me a sandwich. I felt bad after the first consumption, better after the second, then bad again when I drank two coffees to combat all the ills. What a tangled web we weave.

Felipe Calderon is currently talking calmly about how we need to act quick on climate change. I am not wasting finger strokes on that.

Ohhh... here comes Zuma. Guess what he's gonna say.

c'mon, guess

"Felipe Calderon and Mexico have done a great job."

One thing I would like to know but never will: how many trees go into printing receipts that people will never use every year? (HT Nab, for starting that thought process 10 years ago)

The president of Nauru just narrowly escaped my efforts to nab him.

Finally, a question that no one seems able to answer here: who the fuck is actually making the decisons around here? Who signs where? I have yet to figure this out.


ras said...

this is a rad post. slowness. maybe we need more of it. after writing about sustainability for 3 years I got to the point when I realized -it's not sustainable. none of it. ain't no way to fix it. so I try and live simple but more for peace of mind than anything.

Derrick Jensen knows:

"To pretend that civilization can exist without destroying its own landbase and the landbases and cultures of others is to be entirely ignorant of history, biology, thermodynamics, morality, and self-preservation."

Karen said...

"how many trees go into printing receipts that people will never use every year?"

who knows, but at least they come with bisphenol A too..

"who the fuck is actually making the decisons around here?"

when you figure that out, let us know :) that'll be one well read blog post for sure.